The UASR (University Alliance of the Silk Road) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization aimed at openness and international cooperation in higher education.

Embracing the spirit of the Silk Road– ‘peace and friendship, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit’, UASR vows to build collaborative platforms in higher education and foster regional openness and synergies. The UASR will advance institutional exchanges and partnerships on the Silk Road routes in regards to talent education, scientific research, cultural dissemination, policy studies, and medical service etc. The UASR will also step up understanding and friendship between young peoples, foster quality and rounded talents with international visions, and stimulate economies enclosed on the Silk Road Economic Belt as well as the Eurasian region.

In January 2015, XJTU initiated UASR together with its partner universities. On May 22nd, the alliance was officially established in Xi’an. The representative members issued the Xi’an Declaration. Till now, more than 150 universities from 37 countries and regions have participated into the alliance which is a global educational platform.



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