Membership Application

UASR is an open higher education cooperation platform. The interested university can join the alliance by:

I.Fill the Application Form

The interested university can fill theMembership Application of the University Alliance of the Silk Road Forum, and send the application form in the form of pdf to the public e-mail (

II.Serve as the Observer

The applicant can serve as an observer to participate in the relevant activities organized by the alliance upon the confirmation of its Secretariat.

III.Submit the Application Form for Deliberation

The Secretariat is responsible for the observer’s application to the Executive Council Meeting for deliberation. According to the provisions of the UASR Charter, the membership applications are approved by a two-thirds vote in favour of the application by Members of the Executive Council.


1\ Membership Application Form of the University Alliance of the Silk Road  can be downloaded on the website.

2、 The contact information can be searched from "Contact Us".

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