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UASR Culture Heritage Roundtable
  审核人:   (CTR:)

Recently, the UASR Culture Heritage Roundtable was held at Liverpool University, United Kingdom on 2-4th September 2018 under the auspices of the alliance. More than 30 scholars from seven countries and regions participated in the roundtable. Professor Dinah Birch, the pro-vice chancellor moderated the roundtable meeting.

Professor Dinah Birch said in her speech that the Silk Road is not only a trade road, but also involves diplomatic, economic and social aspects, as well as the history and future of eastern civilization, central Asian civilization and European civilization. She hoped to promote the research and protection of cultural heritage under the auspices of the alliance with the joint efforts from the scholars.

Professor Zhang Huqin and Professor Xu Jian from the Institute of Modern Protection of Cultural Heritage, XJTU gave the academic report "Comprehensive Research on Prediction and Evaluation of Cultural Heritage Sites in Guanzhong Region of China".

Professor Neil Colin of Nazarbayev University showed the progress of the project "Protection of Cultural Heritage in Central Asia under the Framework of EU Cooperation" in the forum report. Dr Scott Hawken of the University of New South Wales revealed the impact of urbanization on sustainable ecosystems from an anthropological perspective. Dr Peter Bildt of the City University of New York analyzed the protection of architectural sites in the tide of globalization.

Scholars generally believed that material and intangible cultural heritage is the common wealth of all mankind and the carrier of human civilization. Strengthening international exchanges plays an important role in the protection of modern cultural heritage. The Silk Road University Alliance has set up a good academic exchange platform for scholars in related fields. Scholars also discussed the possibility of strengthening cooperation in related fields in the future and reached a preliminary consensus, hoping to strengthen cooperation in teaching and scientific research among universities from different disciplines and countries.

This roundtable is a concrete measure to fulfill the proposals of the 4thUASR Executive Meeting to strengthen academic research cooperation, promote interdisciplinary integration and foster the UASR mechanism.

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