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Intellectual property rights have huge impact on the Belt and Road
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On October 3, the “From Desert to Ocean • Land and Sea Exchange” B & R 2019 Forum was held in Jiayuguan, Gansu Province. Professor Ma Zhiguo, a XJTU professor and the director of the "Belt and Road" Intellectual Property Sub-Alliance of the UASR, was invited to present at the forum.

Professor Ma Zhiguo expressed his concern over infringement risks due to the lack of awareness to intellectual property rights on scientific and technological exchanges with Central Asian countries, which may bring fatal impacts on the further development of the “B & R”. He also stressed that enterprises should attach importance to the protection of intellectual property rights in order to occupy the highest point in the fierce market competition to ensure their own sustainable development.

It is reported that the National Intellectual Property Administration of China has established official cooperation with over 40 countries along the Belt and Road.

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