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Shared On-line Lecture Courses of Preventing and Controlling COVID-19
  审核人:   (CTR:)

Currently, the whole world is suffering from the outbreak of COVID-19 Pneumonia and has already declared an all-out war on the epidemic. While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky.


During this special period, UASR Secretariat would like to share with our members a special online course called Lecture Series for Preventing and Controlling COVID-19 produced and provided by Xi’an Jiaotong University which might bring us some benefits to the prevention and control of the epidemic and our own well-being. Moreover, if you have more information to share with our members, please go directly to the Secretariat via uasr@xjtu.edu.cn


Find more details, please feel free to visit: http://www.mooc.xjtudlc.com/course/652


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