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MOU signed and online conference hosted by Tourism Sub-Alliance of University Alliance of the Silk Road
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With pandemic of COVID-19 spreading relentlessly and internationally, the global tourism was hitting the most in this “coldest winter”. The initiator of Tourism Sub-Alliance, School of Hotel and Tourism of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, at the invitation of Institute of Tourism Development in Uzbekistan and the idea based on the Community of Shared Future for Mankind had a video conference with some senior managing teams working in the tourism and hotel industries in Uzbekistan. Both sides had a candid and in-depth discussion over the issue on “Development of Tourism in Uzbekistan in the Post-Pandemic Era”. Prof. Bob McKercher from Hong Kong Polytechnic University shared his views on “the recovery of tourism industry after the pandemic” through the Internet with other participants.

During the video conference, the School of Hotel and Tourism of Hong Kong Polytechnic University signed MOU with Xi’an Qu Jiang Hotel Management Co, Ltd through the video to better proceed the University-Enterprise cooperation in the aspects of talent cultivation and training. After the signing ceremony, more pending activities will be held by Tourism Sub-Alliance members of UASR in the forms of seminar , lecture and specific training to realize a multilaterally win-win outcome on fostering a stronger development of tourism industry in Shaan’xi.

The UASR was founded in 2015 by XJTU, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and etc. It is now a critical platform of international higher-education exchange and cooperation among nations and regions of BRI. Tourism Sub-Alliance of UASR was initiated in 2019 by the School of Hotel and Tourism of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, its’ other founding member universities includes: XJTU, Al-Farabi Kazakh University and Mae Fah Luang University. the universities in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey were also admitted into the sub-alliance. The objectives of Tourism Sub-Alliance are to facilitate communication and cooperation related to tourism study and education, inspire the development of tourism industry among nations and regions along the Silk Road and benefit the regional and global growing economy. During the pandemic, by taking advantage of sub-alliance academic expertise, Tourism Sub-Alliance of UASR actively offered its’ guidance and contributions to help the recovery of tourism industry in the countries along Belt and Road.

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