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The Silk Road Summit Forum on Healthcare in Western China was Held
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On September 15, the Silk Road Summit Forum on Healthcare in Western China was held at China Western Science and Technology Innovation Harbour.


      This forum, with the theme of "everybody enjoys health, create future together", aiming to build a community of human health for all, under the mainline of promoting Belt and Road Initiative. With the goal of enhancing health care capacity of independent development, the forum focuses on the global public health emergency response and disposal of the hot issues. Academicians and famous experts and scholars are invited to share ideas and practices to enhance a healthy future


  On behalf of Chairman of UASR, Xi’an Jiaotng University, and President of XJTU, Wang Shuguo welcomed all, “The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has tested the nation. Facts have proved that a nation that stands together in the face of a major disaster is invincible. In the context of a global community for a Shared future, we hope that all countries in the world can unite and live in harmony and help each other. We hope that human life and health will be firmly established as the first priority. The Innovation Harbour, also the headquarters of UASR, is a platform open to the whole world. We hope that experts and scholars from different universities and institutes can exchange ideas with a view to future scientific and technological innovation, for a better future for the country, the nation and the world.”

      At the summit, UASR member universities, including University of Liverpool, Benha University, University of Saskatchewan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of MeaFahLuang and other  representatives of universities, medical institutions and Nobel Prize winners from 22 countries and regions expressed their willingness to join the "Belt and Road" health community through video-link.


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