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The Thematic Symposium on “Security for Natural Systems”was Held
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On November 24th, 2020, the Thematic Symposium on “Security for Natural Systems”, co-hosted by the Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) and the University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR) was held successfully.


Monica Riva, professor of Groundwater at Polimi and Rector’s Delegate for International Networks, and Gabriella Bolzon, Polimi-XJTU Liaison Officer for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, were the co-chairs of the symposium. 

The understanding and the assessment of risks and their consequences is a critical and fundamental step towards the development of local, national and international strategies within all phases of the risk management cycle. The assessment of Multiple disaster impacts, consequences (and related awareness) rely on knowledge gained about historical data and lessons learned as well as the ability to forecast and assess future risks under uncertainty, including impacts of pandemics as well as global changes, such as climate evolution and environment dynamics. The interaction between natural and anthropogenic systems adds complexity to the problem. The talks presented during this symposium by six experts cover a variety of these topics, including food-water-energy-infrastructure security.

Enrico Zio, professor at Polimi and at ParisTech, provided an overview of safety of industrial systems and critical infrastructures as well as their impact on human safety and environmental protection.

Emanuela Colombo, Professor at Polimi and Rector’s Delegate to Development and Cooperation, gave a speech focused on a global perspective on security, energy and sustainable development.

Cindy Holleman, Senior Economist at Fao, provided a lecture on the interconnected nature of the drivers of global food insecurity and the shortcomings of current food systems.

Maria Cristina Rulli, Professor of Water and Food security at Polimi, gave a talk on Sustainable Natural Resources Assessment and the impact of Global Changes

Manuela Antonelli, Professor of supply water treatment at Polimi, delivered a speech about drinking water and wastewater treatment infrastructures, including health protection and early warning of SARS-CoV-2.

Olga Ivanova, Senior Lecturer at the Moscow State Technical University, made a presentation on the Development of Decision Support System for Optimization of Dams Management on Complex River Systems.

This webinar provided an opportunity for interdisciplinary cooperation within UASR members and worldwide. 

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