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UASR Events 2021: Thematic Session on Energy Storage and Saving was held


As a part of UASR Events 2021, the Energy Sub-Alliance of UASR hold Thematic Session on Energy Storage and Saving on Nov. 18, 2021. Due to the influence of COVID-19, four distinguished young scholars were invited to deliver keynote presentations visually in ZOOM platform. Prof. Qiuwang Wang, who is the executed director of ESA-UASR has chaired the webinar and given a brief introduction about the recent works of ESA-UASR.


Dr. Ho Seok Park first presents his recent achievement with topic of 2D Pseudoscience Immaterialness for High Energy- and High Power-Oriented Applications of Super capacitors. Prof. Yongliang Li gave a talk with the topic of Micro encapsulation of phase change materials for cold energy storage applications. He introduced their works on the micro encapsulation of volatile phase change materials, covering both the formulation process and mechanism, as well as the thermal and theological behaviors of the MPCMS and its slurry. Subsequently, Prof. Mingjia Li. delivered a presentation titled Study and application of energy storage technology in the new generation distributed system. Dr. Lizhong Yang provided audits a systematic and comprehensive review of a wide range of existing and potential cold thermal energy storage materials at sub-zero temperatures (from around −270 °C to below 0 °C).


Finally, Dr. Wenxiao Chu introduced the development of the new journal named Energy Storage and Saving (ENSS), which is organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University collaborating with Elsevier.


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