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Announcement fot 2019 Silk Road Robotics Innovations Competition​
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Announcement for 2019 Silk Road Robotics Innovations Competition

2019 Silk Road Robotics Innovations Competition(2019 SRRIC) will be held in Xi’an from April to September to advocate the spirit of the Silk Road and the concept of innovation in science and technology. The event will be jointly hosted by the Chinese Association of Automation (CAA) and the University Alliance of the Silk Road (UASR) and co-organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University and the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Committed to carrying out extensive collaborations, the event shall promote the R&D and the mass innovation in robot industry along the Silk Road. Through the competition, the SRRIC shall also boost the exchanges among competitors and strengthen the friendship in the young generations.


Bring Together the Intelligent Technologies and Lead the Innovation along the Silk Road
  【Eligible Competitors】
2019 SRRIC is open to any student or researcher in universities and other academic institutions including the UASR members. Contestants could participate in the event in the name of individuals or teams no more than 5 persons including the tutor.
  【Requirements of the Works】

Focusing on the robotics innovation, the works should be orientated to the application of the robots in industries and service, such as the household service, medical aid for disability, industrial production, manufacture service and entertainment &leisure, etc. The works could be exhibited in the following forms:Present the innovation of the robot products with the indicators in perspective function. Demonstrate the technical feasibility and practical implementation of the robot in detail. Exhibit the robots product in digital simulation model (3D Animation) or in real physical prototype.

The application begins on April 8th,2019. Eligible applicants could register and complete the application form online. http://www.xjturobots.com/enSRRIC/index.asp

·Work Submission

No later than June 30th,2019, the works should be submitted according the prescription of the organizing committee. The works should include the detailed reports and the feasible projects for the innovation robots.


Preliminary Contest

The preliminary selection will be conducted by the panel of judges before July 30th, 2019. Strong performers who stand out from this round are eligible to the semi-finals.


The further selection will be conducted by the panel of judges before September 5th, 2019. The winners are eligible to the finals.


Through the live presentation and oral defense, the awards will be announced for the Champion, 2 Runner-ups and 5 Second Runner-ups. Several Excellent Prizes will also be presented to the winners.


Champion: RMB 100,000 Yuan

Runner-ups: RMB 50,000Yuan

Second Runner-ups:RMB 20,000 Yuan

Excellent Prize: RMB 5,000 Yuan

【Contact Us】

Website: http://www.xjturobots.com/enSRRIC/index.asp


Mr. ZHU Aibin Mr.WANG Haitao

School of Mechanical Engineering, XJTU

Tel: +86-29-82660983 Fax:+86-29-82660983

Ms.YANG Xiao Ms. Zhang Shanshan

UASR Secretariat

Tel: +86-29-82668532 +86-29-82668236



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