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University Alliance of the Silk Road Summer Camp 2021(Xi'an Jiaotong University)
  审核人:   (CTR:)

The epidemic has separated us by physical distance, but it cannot cut off the interchange of our knowledge, culture and wisdom. Xi’an Jiaotong University opens 2021 Silk Road University Alliance Summer Camp online for students around the world who seek to experience Chinese development, learn frontier science & technology and build up a global horizon.  

I. Application Time

June 28th - July 14th , 2021

II. How to Apply

Log in to the online application system of XJTU, select "Summer Camp Program", follow the system application steps and submit the application.

Application Documents:

1. Valid Ordinary Passport

2. Transcript

3. Personal CV (English/Chinese)

Application system:


III. Applicant Eligibility

1. XJTU students;

2. “World-class University” students;

3.Silk Road University Alliance students;

4. Other overseas friends, those with Chinese-related competition certificates or medals are preferred;

IV. Registration Fee

500 RMB/person (free registration fee for students of XJTU and partner universities)

V. Program Capacity

1000 students

VI. Program Duration

July 19th – July 25th, 2021

VII. Course Structure

1. Main Courses:

Frontier Science & Technology Lecture + International Student Online Sharing Session + Chinese Language Course

2. Teaching Methods:

Professors online lecture about cutting-edge science and technology; Students from XJTU sharing life in China; Online Chinese class

3.Platform: ZOOM


5.Schedule (Beijing Time)




Other   Time (Free Online Learning)

July   19

Opening Ceremony

Online Campus Tour

July   20

Lecture of Energy and 

        Power Engineering

Prof. Liu Maochang

Online Sharing Session of 

 School of Energy and Power                Engineering

1. The History and Spirit of Xi'an

2. The Thought of 


July   21

Light Flowing on a Chip

Prof. Li Feng

Online Sharing Session of 

     Faculty of Electronic and 

      Information Engineering

1. The Creation of Chinese Characters

2. Xi'an Dialect: Mandarin 

               and Dialect

July   22

China’s Role in Global 


 Prof. Zhu Xv

Online Sharing Session of School of Humanities and 

Social Sciences and School 

                  of Law

1. Xi'an Architecture through Ancient and Modern 


2. Chinese Traditional 


July   23

Global S&T Societies Development and Evaluation

Prof. Meng Fanrong

Online Sharing Session of 

      School of Management 

             and School of 

       Public Administration

1. Folk Customs of Shaanxi

2. Dietary Culture of Xi'an

July   24

Tik Tok——A Bridge 

     Between China and the 


Prof. Shen Nan

Online Sharing Session 

    of School of New Media

1. The Story of Tea

2. The Developing 

         Economy of Xi'an

July   25

Ending Ceremony


Attendance (50%) + Summer Camp Study Report (50%, more than 500 words)

VIII. Bonus

1. For those who ranks top 10% according to assessment record, we will provide a certificate of “2021 Xi’an Jiaotong University Silk Road Alliance Summer Camp Merit Member”. All merit members’ application fee will be waived in their 2022 XJTU application.

2. Xi’an Jiaotong University offers 30 scholarship pre-admission. International Student Admission Office will organize the selection in all the summer camp students.

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