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A Song to Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic
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Currently, the world is undergoing the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. In order to bolster and encourage all members to come through the disease, UASR Secretariat would like to introduce and share with you a song spread over internationally. In light of the fact that the pandemic firstly started in Wuhan, China and then the outbreak continued to be found in Europe such as Italy, and in U.S.A and Russia, the originally-made Chinese song was translated into several languages, such as English, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Franch,  Spanish and etc.   



Love Will Win Again




Обязательно выдержим


Cantando alla finestra


On gagnera - Une chanson Anti-coronavirus


El triunfo nos espera

Initially in January 2020, the COVID-19 pneumonia hit China quickly and fatally. Dr. Zhong JIN, Professor of Sino-Japanese Poetry Research Institute from Xi’an Jiaotong university was stunned by the impact upon millions of people. He was moved to write a Chinese song called “Tough It Out定能挺过去 along with Chinese composer and Guzheng Player Shan Zhang in order to cheer up people in Wuhan and in China who were suffering from the coronavirus. His goal was to deliver a strong message of hope and to help people overcome the tough time. This song was well received by audience after it was released online. People kept telling the writers how the song has comforted them. Mr. Jin and Ms. Zhang received support from Xi’an Jiaotong university, and this song was also broadcasted by China’s National Education Channel.

The song has been translated into 9 different languages. Нечай Анна who is a professor of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts student translated the song into Russian. Local artist Анна Юрочкина recorded it and made a video in a short amount of time. In Paris, Ms. Jie YANG helped to translate the song into French, and artist Rui Shi recorded it. Songwriter Shin-ichiro Aoyama wrote the lyrics in Japanese and invited Youyan Pan — Teresa Teng’s niece to record it with a music video. Singer Alberto Casartelli wrote the lyrics in Italian with a goal of commemorating doctors, nurses, and health workers who have done so much during this crisis. In New York, Erhu virtuoso, singer and songwriter Feifei YANG wrote the English version with a title “Love Will Win Again’’.

Most of the places where the artists are from were locked down. They recorded the songs and music videos in their home studios. “When I see people are separating from their families, friends, coworkers, and loved ones, I felt the pain so deeply” said Feifei Yang, who is living in New York City, and currently subjecting to the pandemic isolation. “Doctors, nurses, health workers, volunteers... so many people scarified their lives to save this world. The love they spread is indelible. I wanted to write the song for everyone who is fighting in this war. We will definitely win.”

When things are tough, there is always hope. Professor Zhong JIN,and all the dedicated artists hope this song will gently touch our heart and soul, leaving love and hope to end this crisis gracefully.

  Please also find below the lyrics and MVs in different languages:

 An English Song Fights Against Coronavirus  Love Will Win Again
       A Spanish Song Fights Against Coronavirus  El triunfo nos espera
       A French Song Fights Against Coronavirus  On gagnera
       An Italian Song Fights Against Coronavirus  Cantando Alla Finestra
       A Russian Song Fights Against Coronavirus  Обязательно выдержим
       A Japanese Song Fights Against Coronavirus  小さな祈り
       A Chinese Song Fights Against Coronavirus  定能挺过去

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