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Shared Video Series for Smartly & Confidently Fighting against COVID-19
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In order to help UASR members fight with COVID-19 more smartly and confidently, UASR Secretariat would like to share with all a series of videos, produced by The Truth scientific popularization team. Here comes a brief introduction of the team:

The Truth scientific popularization team is organized by Professor Chang Liu of the first affiliated hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The team aims to reveal the mystery of this pandemic through literature review and some small experiments. The team hopes to use simple language and vivid images to answer the questions about the pandemic that people concerned. To eliminate worries and panic for everyone; to help everyone better understand the significance of policies, guidelines and experts recommendations, so that the public can actively cooperate with the prevention protocols, objectively and calmly consider the pandemic, and help fight against difficulties.

Episode No.1

We have known the transmission route of covid19, so how long can the virus survive after leaving the human body? What materials are they easier to survive on? Related research tells us that the virus is more likely to survive in low temperature and weak ultraviolet environment, and the survival time may be as long as 1-2 days. At the same time, the smooth surface of the object is more suitable for the survival of the virus, so for mobile phones, door handles, elevator buttons and other smooth surface of the object, we must pay attention to disinfection. However, the virus will not leave the medium and float in the air for a long time, so we need not be too nervous. We suggest that once you go out, you should pay attention to the protection. After you go home, you should do a good job in disinfection to protect your health and that of your family.

Episode No.2

Covid-19 can be transmitted by droplets, close contact and fecal oral transmission. Recently, we have been returning to work or sticking to work, so what should we pay attention to when shuttling between home and work? We suggest: pay attention to protection and wear masks; go out less and do not gather; wash hands frequently and disinfect more; be hygienic and ventilated more. In such a critical period, i hope that you should pay more attention to protecting yourself and let us work hand in hand to overcome the difficulties.

Episode No.3

Bactericides, phagocytes and specific immune responses in skin, mucous membrane and body fluid constitute the immune mechanism of human body against virus. In the specific immune response, when the virus is eliminated, memory cells will survive to prevent secondary infection. Even if the virus mutates, the probability of secondary infection is very low. Experts said that it would not be reinfected within six months after the treatment, but recommended isolation for another 14 days. The vast majority of patients will not have physiological sequelae after cure. Severe patients may have pulmonary fibrosis or bone damage caused by glucocorticoids used during treatment. At the same time, we should pay special attention to the mental health of patients.

Episode No. 4

Home medical observation can prevent the further spread of the epidemic, but it should be carried out according to the requirements. So, what should be paid attention to home based medical observation? We will introduce how to carry out home based medical observation from six aspects: environment, diet, disinfection, nursing, mental health and garbage disposal. During the period of medical observation, when symptoms appear, the observation should be relieved immediately and medical treatment should be sought immediately. We suggest that: personnel who meet the requirements of home-based medical observation should carry out home-based medical observation to protect their own and family health.

Episode No.5

Children with covid-19 have atypical symptoms and are not easy to be diagnosed early; in addition, children with low immunity have a higher probability of complications. Therefore, children's disease prevention is particularly important. To do a good job in children's protection, we suggest that: reduce children's outdoor sports; pay attention to disinfection; do not contact children closely in unusual periods; pay attention to wearing masks; pay attention to protecting children's physical and mental health. Correctly identify symptoms and seek medical treatment in time.


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